Tamara Oskam

Autorijschool de Haas 

Autorijschool de Haas drives into the future with a logo that is recognizable all throughout Arnhem. Featuring vibrant cyan and magenta and a lightning bolt-shaped ‘haas’ it symbolizes speed and agility. This visual metaphor effectively communicates the driving school's commitment to providing swift and efficient driving lessons. The overall design exudes a sense of excitement, making it memorable and reflective of the thrill associated with learning to drive.  

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This logo achieves a good balance in communicating MKHG's core values and professional aesthetics. The stacked initials represent support and strength, emphasizing MKHG's dedication to easy and effective marketing solutions. The dark green color subtly reinforces themes of prosperity and vitality, aligning with the agency's focus on client growth. 

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Oskam Machines 

Cracking open a new era of innovation for Oskam Machines, this logo symbolizes the 'eggstraordinary' precision in the world of farm packers. The central imagery features an integrated egg and wrench, the egg signifies the core product while the wrench highlights the machinery and technical aspects of the company. The cohesive design mirrors Oskam Machines' commitment to seamless egg packing solutions. 

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