Tamara Oskam

Dark room 

What if you had to pause your life? Everything you have to do comes to a standstill, not because you want to, but because your body doesn't allow you to go any further. That is what I experienced in the past few months when I developed a spinal disc herniation.

Experiencing pain, repeating the same day over and over again, feeling confined and stuck in place and body, the days bleeding together, and having gaps in your memories because of painkillers. 

By using the slow and repetitive process of trichrome photography with my analog camera, I wanted to create a photo that shows the monotony of recovery. This work is a self-portrait of a significant time in my life. It aims to express my feelings as well as being a voice for people with similar experiences. The final presentation of this photo is shielded by a curtain featuring a poem.

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“This is a Man’s World”

This is a feministic short film portraying a scenario created by the butterfly effect (a small change in the past resulting in large differences later on). It was made with mostly found footage combigned with some self recorded footage and voice over. The film aims to spark conversations and reflections on gender dynamics and the power of collective action.

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Dit is een voorbeeldtekst

Some of these ads are real

While analyzing 80’s and 90’s vintage playboy magazines through a feministic lens I wanted to show how women were being portrayed by reading between the lines. This was done by looking at something not as obvious: the ads. I edited some of these ads to be worse and kept some of them as is. With the caption “Some of these ads are real.” we wanted to make people think about how serious the topic of misogyny in media is. Because even though this was in the past the people that think this way are still raising the boys of today.

Can you figure out which of these are real? 

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Drive - Karaoke Video

This project delves into the dynamic interplay between typography and music, particularly focusing on the song "Drive" by Oh Wonder as a source of inspiration. By taking cues from the song's title and thematic elements, the aim is to visually represent the essence of driving through the manipulation of typographic elements. The words themselves are transformed into moving cars on a metaphorical highway, capturing the energy and momentum of the music while providing a unique and immersive visual experience for the viewer. 

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