Tamara Oskam

Dark Room

What if you had to pause your life? Everything you have to do comes to a standstill, not because you want to, but because your body doesn't allow you to go any further. That is what I experienced in the past few months when I developed a spinal disc herniation.

Experiencing pain, repeating the same day over and over again, feeling confined and stuck in place and body, the days bleeding together, and having gaps in your memories because of painkillers. 

By using the slow and repetitive process of trichrome photography with my analog camera, I wanted to create a photo that shows the monotony of recovery. This work is a self-portrait of a significant time in my life. It aims to express my feelings as well as being a voice for people with similar experiences. The final presentation of this photo is shielded by a curtain featuring a poem.

Foto 3+5: Manouk Grootaarts