Tamara Oskam

My Year of Rest and Relaxation 

"My Year of Rest and Relaxation" follows an unnamed protagonist as she gradually escalates her use of prescription medications in an attempt to sleep for an entire year. The color choice of pink for the whole book was purposeful, serving as a symbolic representation of the protagonist's perception of the world through rose-tinted glasses. This subtle yet significant detail invites readers to explore the main character's mindset and outlook on their situation. The typeface I crafted for the book was not a standard font but illustrations of the pills the main character consumes throughout the story. These Pills come back every time she consumes these drugs, and in the chapter names we added up all the pills she took that far. This way the reader keeps track of the shocking ammount of pills the main character consumes. When you read you may encounter sets of blank pages,these symbolize the protagonist's lapses in memory, offering readers a glimpse into the character's psychological journey and struggles.