Tamara Oskam

Some of these adds are real

While analyzing 80’s and 90’s vintage playboy magazines through a feministic lens I wanted to show how women were being portrayed by reading between the lines. This was done by looking at something not as obvious: the ads. I edited these ads with Photoshop to be more shocking and kept some of them as is. With the caption “Some of these ads are real.” To me two things were very important, that the edited ones were indistiguishable from the real ones and that we designed the language use as much as possible in a way that would make any woman unconfortable. The reason being that we wanted to start a conversation about how serious the topic of misogyny in media is. Because even though this was in the past the people that think this way are still raising the boys of today.

Can you figure out which of these are real? 
Chicky, give me another bottle of water.                                           Don’t let your wife drive it.
Maybe she needs to shut up for a while
I remember he couldn’t keep his hands of me!
Big in the nude
Would her lips be that red too?
Maybe if she hears this she will stick around a little longer!
Hot chicks, cars, tit’s & soccer what more could you want?
Cant finish it in 86 either
Is your wife annoying? Break the glass. Go out. Take some time for yourself.
Chemists perfect amazing sex scent that makes 3 out of 4 women give in